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when opportunity comes , just take it, life is so fast , be who ever you want to be, ART Canton 2018 is a fair in Guangzhou , china, with talented artists from around the world, happy and grateful for have the opportunity to participate in it.

how to express yourself to the world , how to become the lead role of your life... simple, just make it happen.

creating unique pieces of art specifically just for this fair, original designs with the concept of 

Transcendental existential surrealism: By surrealism i try to express an understanding of life and human existence with a rhetoric idea of how to transcend it

16th to 19th november 2018

Hall 5, Guangzhou Liuhua ,Guangzhou New Fa Exhibition & trade Center.

add: No.117 Liuhua Road, yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

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Mind Gamma

size- 180 x 100, technique - oil paint, 2018

when you close your eyes and look inside your mind trying to calm the thoughts by forcing it is a mistake, just let your imagination flow ,there isn’t a blank spot, no white room where you just see light ,the chaos and balance of the universe is there for you to experience it, merge the colors in your ideas create the existence just by thinking about it, enter your inner being , and enjoy what the surroundings of  your own universe is showing you, don’t judge it , just let it be.


mind gamma is a painting about the moment when one tries to clear the mind of thoughts and let the spark of life inside yourself just be the fusion of all colors and deepness of the brain.

City Pulse

size- 180 x 100, technique - oil paint, 2018

the balance of the air and water, day and night, sunrise and sunset , up and down , is the reality of us while we are passing through this existence , we can feel the vibration of our pulse, the life itself as an experience in which one needs to find balance , there is always up and downs , lose and win , creation and destruction ,but everything comes from the same line , the balance will be achieved when we exist admiring what is around us, contemplation of the world and the vibes that lead us to just walk in this world.

city pulse is a painting about the balance of the vibrating pulse in us as we live it every day in a city


size- 180 x 100, technique - oil paint, 2018

without movement we don’t exist, everything is always in motion, this feeling inside us, an energy that always makes us feel alive, in physics the momentum is the exact time that an impulse create motion, and we can see it every day with just touching our heart and feel the beating of the bloodstream as it runs inside us. Plants, rocks, people, even the earth and the universe always move even we don’t pay attention to it, always imperfect as real life is, but it just requires that exact lapse of time to take an action, and if we decide to realize that everything is happening everywhere, our consciousness will be free to understand that life is here and now.

momentum is a painting about the imperfection of the energy that moves us and makes life happen

Cycle Inner Reaction

size- 99.5x79.5, technique - oil paint, 2017

Human motion capability is ruled by our mind, it makes us perform by our thoughts and allows us to achieve by desire perfect static poses or explosive movements. Yoga is an art of body motion that focuses on reaching spiritual perfection and the idea to get inside the inner being and understand the space between the particles in our bodies , this has driven me to reflect both sides of this practice, the meditation state that clears our mind and the action of performing the most complicated poses by inner strength , I represent this with 2 different women of different body types expressing the beauty of a woman´s nature in a peaceful state, completely naked to express that personal moment of peace where can be shown our bodies without shame .  Same as us the moon is cyclical and every month changes from almost disappearing to a full picture of balance to the earth.

Cycle inner reaction is a paint of 2 beautiful women that by inner processing and action performing are able to achieve the art of body motion as a cycle of success.

Aurea Wave

size- 180 x 100, technique - oil paint, 2018

perfection is impossible to achieve, real life is always flowing, the energy of the world run with fierce power , is not the sea … is the waves, is not the size is the motion, is just the will to let it happen, with a bit of whatever and however happen, sometimes a calm sea breeze and sometimes a powerful typhoon, representing mathematically the origin of beauty , with the imperfection of abstract lines and colors , peaceful to the level of danger and chaotic to the state of calmness , representing everything that comes from enormous strength to the smallest of infinite beginning, just like the energy inside us.

Aurea wave is a paint of an abstract look to how the energy should flow always in a perfect beauty , represented by the aurea section theory to define energy and colors as movement.

Long lion roar

size- 100 x 100, technique - oil paint, 2018

Chinese tradition of fierce warriors had been always the privilege of hold inside the mighty long lion, is not just a dance, is not just a martial art , is the combination of millennial knowledge, since very young ,kung fu warriors train themselves to have the opportunity to give life to the spirit of a powerful symbol of greatness, as it is the fusion of a dragon and a lion , represented in strong colors and hard details to show the beauty and strength of the hard work to make the balance of the long lion dance, with the correct technique to unleash the roar of a untamed beast .

Long lion roar is a paint in surrealism oil graffiti with traditional Chinese colors to represent the respect to the powerful kung fu warriors while by dancing to the sound of traditional drums can give live to a mythic creature with beautiful deadly moves risking their life to an acrobatic show.

Mother nature

size- 100 x 100, technique - oil paint, 2018

believe in anything , but the only thing for sure is the ground we are standing in , every step we do is a step in the surface of the world , the soil of this precious land lend us power and strength through a life circle that continue from sky to soil, from the ashes to flesh, is beautiful like the caring of someone that really loves you, and is always watching you, lifting you and taking your steps with a tender kiss every time to the beginning of your body that is your roots.


mother nature is a paint about a peaceful blue sky and silhouettes of living being as plants, with the protection of the nature that take care of us and allow us to enjoy our reality , just as a caring mother.

3d Renders for ART CANTON 2018

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