David Alfaro Siqueiros , La Marcha de la Humanidad

mural , oil technique, 2.4 m x 2 m , Foshan , China.


Direction, Production & Editing

Born and raised in Mexico City, Architect by profession and artist by passion, I believe in art as a lifestyle, the possibility to create is the reason that made me become a painter, an architect and a musician, by all means an artist. Art is detail in the maximum expression of the human capability, is unmeasurable and infinite as we allow our mind to create it. Grown in a family full of culture and artists, since very young I had developed a creative lifestyle.

My goal is to transcend through art in this existence, painting have shown me the passion that can be released from inside of my heart and express it to make people to feel and experience what they can interpret of my creation.

unknow anrtist, tribute to a great piece of art

painting in oil technique , different sizes , inspiration from others and original designs , all designs had been made by heart as a true artist should live.

note: tributes to other artists mark with the sign " # "  , made for practice and mastering of technique   


I expand my painting skills with my uncle a painter, sculptor and muralist Master Mario Marquez Vazquez at his studio in Coyocan Mexico, an area known in Mexico City for the cultural and artistic roots. Master Marquez used to teach in the academy of "Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes INBA " (national institute of fine arts), has made portraits of several Mexican former presidents and created murals in different cities of Mexico, and now at his 76 years old he developed young minds in his studio by the creation of MOMMO group where I also belong, a real and old school artist with art running through his veins.

mural -  integracion social , oil technique by MOMO collective group, Mexico city. down pic.

master Mario Marquez Vazquez detailing in my canvas

"quoting "Lao Tzu , Tao Te Ching - He who knows others is intelligent; he who understands himself is enlightened; he who is able to conquer others has force, but he who is able to control himself is mighty. He who appreciates contentment is wealthy, He who dares to act has nerve; if he can maintain his position he will endure, but he, who dying does not perish, is immortal.

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